Breaky Indulgence, Whats your fave?


Breaky …. Who doesn’t love it?

What do you guys have for your first meal of the day? Remember it is the most important! There are plenty of different healthy breakfast alternatives. Here are some of my faves ….

  • Avocado on Gluten free Toast –  With Sea Salt and Pepper
  • Smoothies – Green –  Kale/Banana
  • Watermelon Crush – ice and water
  • Oats with Banana – Rice or Almond milk and a Spoon of organic Almond Butter
  • Peanut butter and banana or GF toast
  • Smoothie Bowls topped with Banana and seeds (chia, Pumpkin, Goji & sunflower)

Now tell me yours please foodies, i’m always up for new breaky treats .. as it is the best meal of the day and gets your body and metabolism kick started into action!!

Fact – Breakfast comes from the term “BREAK – FAST” as you are breaking your fast from sleeping all night.

I might just have breakfast for dinner tonight all this talk about smoothies and avocado has got me craving! And no … its not wrong, you can have breakfast for lunch, dinner, or snacks … any thing goes in the world of health as long as its nutritious and provides your temple with amazing health benefits.

Think Smart, Choose Wise and Eat PLENTY!

Sami xx


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