Healthy Salads are Simple.


Who loves Salad?! .. Well I know I do, Sometimes people think I am from another planet when I would rather a Salad over a big fat steak and chips. To me it just does not appeal at all. Think of what its made from and all the extra oils and fats.. Don’t get me wrong hot chips are devine from time to time but there is always a better way to make them especially if you have allergies.

I will make some allergy free “Sweet Potato” HOT CHIPS, with coconut oil and post a photo soon! When you switch you will never go back, because there are no restrictions on them, they are good for you! YAY! … and don’t forget SO easy to prepare and make.

Right …. back to salad … Above is one of my favorite Filling salads!

Ingredients: Serves about 3 People. – 2 in my household we eat LOTS hehe

  • Mixed Salad Organic
  • Capsicum x1
  • Cucumber x1
  • Mushroom x8 (Baby Buttons)
  • Red Onion x1
  • Asparagus x6
  • Avocado x1
  • Mung Bean Sprouts – As many as you like.
  • Lemon


I chuck the Salad mix, Mung Beans, Capsicum, Cucumber and red onion into a big bowl one all cut and toss lightly.

Steam the Asparagus and Lightly fry the Mushrooms, I cook the mushroom in a different sauce every time to change up the flavors. Tonight I cooked it in a caramelized onion sauce, Felt like something sweet (and my Partners not a fan of spicy food) – I usually cook them in some fresh chili to give the metabolism a boost.

Place the Salad into bowls and once the asparagus and mushrooms are done, place them on top of the salad.

Cut the Avocado in half and cut as desired. Place on the top and WAA -LAA. DONE.

Add a little bit of fresh lemon for extra kick if you like a dressing and enjoy it! xx

Healthy Can be Easy, Simple and Delicious, If you get stuck i’m always here to help. Its easy to transform any recipe into a Specific “allergy free” meal.

Posting again soon, Who likes Treats?

Cuddles Sami x


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