Its Berry Good for you.

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BERRY SMOOTHIE!! I think I have an obsession with smoothies … well I don’t think, I know! They are much to good to resist! They make me so happy as you can tell .. CHEEESSSEEE!!

Guys just a quick test how many of you, If someone offered you a pill that helped you feel full, Lose Weight, and prevent disease, you’d take it, right? And what if it tasted great, too? Fortunately, you don’t have to go to your doctor for that kind of prescription. You just need to visit your grocery store and load up on a wide selection of fresh or frozen berries.

Berries are amazing and have so many natural properties. Its so much better to eat the right foods for your body then put more chemicals into it with medicine.

I have not taken medicine or tablets for years and I use natural produce from nature to help heal my body. They work wonders you just need to have a positive mind set and eat the right things and you will heal yourself. How magical is that?? Took me a long time to realize what the right food can do for your temple and well-being! AMAZING!

Also I have noticed eating right and nourishing my body instead of putting chemicals in, My eyes have become clearer and much more blue, my skin is clear and my energy levels are always high!! Try it for yourself fellow bloggers!

Cyber Cuddles, Sami xx




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