I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.

Vege Toss.

  • Courgette
  • Cabbage
  • Onion – Red and White
  • Carrot
  • Tomato
  • Coconut oil
  • Spices and sauce –  choose your own depending on your taste buds.
  • This was a light Moroccan spice with coconut oil.
  • Lay on a bed of Spinach – or Brown rice for something more dense.
  • ENJOY xx – So Simple.

I love to cook and create its the best feeling making meals for friends and family and for myself. I feel so much better about myself when I eat well.

This makes me so Happy. What makes you happy!? … Life is meant to be enjoyed lovely followers. Eat what makes you happy, Do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people that make you thrive!

Post your creations , I want to see!

Keep your eyes peeled. I have been making Banana/Coconut Bliss Balls!!! Taste tested on Friday …. OH – MY – GOSH.

Here is a little information on Vege – Nism hehe

Vegetarianism can be adopted for different reasons. Many object to eating meat out of respect for another life. Such ethical motivations have been codified under various religious beliefs along with Animal Rights. Other motivations for vegetarianism are health-related (THIS IS MY MAIN REASON) , political, Enviromental, cultural,  Economic. There are varieties of the diet as well: an Ovo – Vegetarian diet includes eggs but not dairy products, a Lacto-Vegetarian diet includes dairy products but not eggs, and an ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet includes both eggs and dairy products. A Vegan diet excludes all animal products including eggs, dairy, beeswax and honey. Some vegans also avoid animal products such as leather (and possibly silk) for clothing and goose-fat for shoe polish. – I LOVE MY RAW HONEY and SILK CLOTHES. But no dairy as its bad for the body, hard to digest and make me very ill.

Various packaged or processed foods, including cake, cookies, candies, chocolate, yogurt and marshmallows, often contain unfamiliar animal ingredients, and may be a special concern for vegetarians due to the likelihood of such additions. Often, products are reviewed by vegetarians for animal-derived ingredients prior to purchase or consumption. Vegetarians vary in their feelings regarding these ingredients, its down to personal choice, depending on what type of vegetarian you are and your beliefs.

Semi- Vegetarian diets consist largely of vegetarian foods, but may include fish or poultry, or sometimes other meats, on an infrequent basis. Those with diets containing fish or poultry may define meat only as mammalian flesh and may identify with vegetarianism. A pescetarian diet has been described as “fish but no other meat”. 

So many different views, and that’s ok. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Do what you want/Choose!




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